For an organization such as Emergo, seeking the funds needed to pursue its activities is a constant challenge. And it gets tougher from year to year, as obtaining government grants or private contributions is uncertain and unforeseeable.

However, through strict management of the funds put in place by Emergo’s Management, the conscientiousness and professionalism with which we pursue our mission as well as the bond of trust established with our partners over the years, we have succeeded in reaching our objective every fiscal year.

Since 2011, we have been able to count on the financial support of the Emergo Foundation to set up a reserve fund to help prevent setbacks and ensure the sustainability of our services.

Our offer of respite services is based on a supervisory style that is customized according to each participant’s needs. Most of the participants require a counsellor/participant ratio of 1:1 or 1:2, resulting in high operating costs.

We have always strived to maintain our rates as low as possible so that all families can benefit from our services. The rate charged families therefore represents less than one-third, or 28%, of the actual cost of respites. The difference is offset by government grants (38%), by funds raised within fund-raising activities and by dedicated donations (34%).